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    其他作文 / 2020-09-28 10:05

    1891年,处在写作生活生计巅峰期的王尔德碰见了阿尔弗雷德·“波西”·道格拉斯(Alfred "Bosie" Douglas),两人很快成为了同性情人。四年后,由于这段“不敢说着名字的爱”,王尔德被判“伤风败俗”罪而进狱。在狱中,王尔德起头反思畴前的糊口,思索疾苦和人生的意义,艺术和爱的真谛松树的作文,终极将那些疾苦的泪水都化作柔美而深邃深挚的文字,写成了这封名为"de profundis"(从深处)的长信。

      作者简介:奥斯卡·王尔德(Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900),英国维多利亚期间闻名作家,“唯美主义运动”的领甲士物松树的作文,提倡“为艺术而艺术”(Art for art's sake)。他的代表作有戏剧《莎乐美》(Salome)《当真的重要性》(The Importance of Being Earnest),童话《欢愉王子》(The Happy Prince) 《夜莺与玫瑰》(The Nightingale and the Rose),小说《道连·格雷的画像》(The Picture of Dorian Gray),以及手札《自深深处》(De Profundis)等。


      Blindness may be carried so far that itbecomes grotesque, and an unimaginative nature, ifsomething be not done to rouse it, will becomepetrifiedinto absolute insensibility, so that while thebody may eat, and drink, and have its pleasures, thesoul, whose house it is, may, like the soul of Brancad'Oria in Dante, be dead absolutely.

      Why did you not write to me? Was it cowardice?Was it callousness? What was it? The fact that I wasoutraged with you, and had expressed my sense ofthe outrage, was all the more reason for writing. Ifyou thought my letter just, you should have written.If you thought it in the smallest point unjust, youshould have written. I waited for a letter. I felt surethat at last you would see that, if old affection,much-protested love, the thousand acts of illrequitedkindness I had showered on you, thethousand unpaid debts of gratitude you owed me—that if all these were nothing to you, mere dutyitself, most barren of all bonds between man andman, should have made you write



      为什么你不给我写信?是胆小吗?是无动于衷吗?是什么呢?我对你发脾性,在信中发了脾性,这更应该是你写信的理由啊。假如以为我信中说的有理,你应该写了信来。假如以为我说的有一点点的分歧理,你应该写了信来。我等着一封信。我确实感触,你终究会大白的松树的作文,假如昔日的豪情、那众人颇不认为然的爱、我千百次向你暗示的善而不得善报的盛情、你千百次欠我的尚未归报的情面,借使倘使这一切你以为是何足道哉的话,那么光是履行义务,这人与人之间最无情意可言的左券关系, 也该使你动笔了。



      【举例】rouse sb. from a deep sleep把或人从甜睡中叫醒

      The boat roused wild ducks to flight.舟惊飞了野鸭。

      rouse opposition to aggression激起反侵略的情感


      【举例】He was outraged by the injustice.他对这种不公道感触愤怒。

      Such conduct outrages our normal sense of decency.这种举动有悖常理。

      outrage rules of morality 踩踏品德准则

      3、protest v.抗议,否决;提出贰言;声名

      【举例】protest at unemployment and inflation抗议掉业及通货膨胀

      They protested about her remaining in office. 他们否决她留任。

      The defendant protested his innocence.被告坚决声称他无罪。

      4、requite v.报酬;抵偿;抨击

      【举例】requite kindness with ingratitude 以怨报德

      requite an obligation 还情面

      requite one's love 归报或人的爱

      requite a traitor with death 以极刑惩办叛徒[《自深深处》念书条记作文]相干文章:

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